Real Estate Job: Top Three Factors Determining a Real Estate Agent Salary-Lucrative Job!

Since the economy started to spiral down in 2008, many people had difficulties finding jobs because their skills, training and experience that used to be in demand are no longer sought-after or salable. Hence, people have explored other possibilities such as undergoing retraining and having a career shift. On the other hand, while other professions have gone less in demand, people in the real estate market are steadily growing in number. In fact, according to the Bureau Labor of Statistics, the number of agents will increase up to 16 percent at the end of 2018. Despite the bad economy, the real estate agent salary remained fixed. They get 6 percent of the total value of the house they sold or found for a buyer or seller, and they divide it to half to their broker. Their service is very much needed these days because people are selling their properties and homes and they need professional help to be able to dispose their homes to their advantage.

An average agent’s salary is as high as $45,000 per annum. The majority of them earn $65,000 per year, and there are some who earn above $95,000 annually. A real estate agent’s income highly depends on three factors-who they work for, where they are located and the number of deals they closed.


The common place of employment of agents is at a broker’s office. A broker makes money after his agent sells or finds a property for a client. The broker gets 6 percent of the price of the property sold and splits it with his agent. The real estate agent salary is estimated to be around $45,000 to $ 65,000 per annum for those who work under a broker. Agents who work in companies that also have an insurance business on the side earn higher (e.g. those who work in leasing offices and with developers).


The location of properties affects their value and demand. Naturally, the agent’s salary also depends to their location. Agents in New York, Illinois, Vermont and North Carolina earn $65,000 to $85,000 per annum.

Closed Deals

Agents do not have a fixed salary. They receive commissions per successful transaction. An agent’s ability to close deals largely depends on his/her marketing strategy, personality, training and experience. People from all walks in life can become agents if they get training and pass the state licensure exam. People can even enroll in an online program to get a certificate to prepare them for the state exam. It is cheap. For 150 hours online training, you will only spend around $500. For more information about a real estate agent salary, please visit

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Wholesaling Properties: Best Real Estate Jobs for Learning and Earning

What’s the best path for earning while learning while you work your way into wholesaling properties?

Many thousands of individuals want to get in to flipping houses today, and realize the sooner they get started the better. However many see challenges in needing a paycheck now and cash to invest before they can be wholesaling houses full time.

So what type of job is best in the interim?

If this is your strategy (earn and learn), perhaps the most important criteria you should have for choosing an interim career is the need to make more than you spend.

It’s great to do something you are passionate about and good at, but don’t let it distract you from the ultimate goal of financial freedom and how wholesaling homes can be the fast track, or even only really viable way to get there. Once you are financially free or at least enjoy a lot more free time and can set your own schedule you can then pursue those other interests as hobbies rather than having to do them to survive and eat each week.

For those looking for another job while they position themselves to get started wholesaling properties, a job in the industry can be a great way to earn and learn at the same time.

If this sounds like a smart path for you, there are many options including:

· Real estate sales

· Mortgage loan officer

· Title insurance rep

· Home insurance rep

· Real estate assistant

· Internships with real estate investment firms

All of these choices can provide a great way to really learn what it is like on the inside, hone your skills and technical knowledge, make contacts and even start generating leads, while making an above average income.

However, of course, some of these jobs and careers can take even longer to generate paychecks than jumping right into wholesaling properties, and the investment required and demanding schedule can create even more roadblocks to actually becoming free.

The bottom line is that you don’t need money or credit to get into investing, and can make money quickly with the right strategy.

Getting the real estate investment education you need doesn’t require going back to college for a new 4 year degree, or even waiting 6 to 12 months. With a good course and system you can effectively be flipping houses in just weeks, and be making an income that will put you in the top 1% of U.S. income earners.

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Working in Real Estate – Jobs Like Flipping Houses

If you’re trying to decide between a career in real estate or starting with realty jobs like flipping houses for investors you should thoroughly research the real estate market and see if you have the tenacity. Working in real estate requires good communication and organizational skills. It’s dealing with people on a day-to-day basis and constantly selling yourself.

Many people glamorize the profession only focusing on the material aspects like the big commission checks and working out in the field; this is only a snapshot of what working in real estate is like. It takes time, effort, driving around all day at various hours to accommodate your clients and patience with people who don’t know exactly what they want. All of this goes without any glamour and that big payoff only comes after long tired days of patience and the willingness to work beyond what you really want on those nice sunny days.

Most careers in real estate require a real estate license while jobs like flipping houses do not require a license but lots of time and effort. Flipping requires you to be disciplined, organized and the personality to adapt to different environments and people. Everyone you meet will not be courteous and polite and many will possess just the opposite traits. That’s not to say you shouldn’t jump at a career in flipping houses.

Flipping houses doesn’t really require any credit; it’s good to have A+ credit because it allows you to bargain more freely and will open more doors and opportunities but good credit is not a mandatory requirement.

Starting out you might want to consider having some money saved up. Beginners have a difficult time persuading lenders to forego down payments; you’ll be in a better position once you’ve completed a few transactions.

If you want to work for a real estate investor by locating flipping opportunities for them, move forward with caution. This can be illegal in many states. Many states do not allow anyone to be compensated for helping someone locate real estate unless you are licensed. Now you can overcome this problem by focusing on only one thing to help an investor with – sifting through all the information he requires like checking property and tax assessment records. This type of job you can be compensated for without fear of restrictions from any states.

To become successful working for a real estate investor by providing information for flipping properties you must thoroughly research random information and learn all about the market the investor is interested in. This will narrow your search and become more efficient in gathering your information.

So whether you start a new career working in real estate or you decide you only want to start with a job by flipping houses, it’s possible to learn the ropes and move up the ladder quickly.

Benefits of Real Estate Jobs

In real estate business, different companies work together. There are several companies who offer good real estate jobs. Companies that can manage various duties like; building and garden care etc., these companies are known as an estate contracting companies. These companies have a sub-category named foreclosure clean-up Company.

This company performs various tasks like; changing locks, cleaning the building and setting up doors and window panes. These companies also have other types of tasks to do e.g. debris removal, taking acre of your lawn and yard, painting of buildings etc. These companies do offer some good estate jobs.

These jobs have much growth potential. Estate agents are actually self employed and own their business. The agent has his own timings and working schedule. Now we will pin point some of the key benefits of estate jobs.

1) Tax Benefits: The estate agent has to work as a contractor. Usually he is supervised by a broker. This makes the real estate agent an independent worker. He can get the advantage of tax deductions. In this way, he can save thousands of dollars. These deductions like; mileage, vehicle, advertising and some educational stipends really help to boost his earning.

2) Flexible Schedule: Another great benefit of these jobs is that you can easily select any working hours and this makes you an independent worker. There is no need to bind yourself to conventional office timings. You have the ability to decide your own time. This allows the person holding such a job huge flexibility. He can easily manage his time and perform his duty in a way which he wants.

3) Commission: Real estate jobs offer you the full control over your work. You can earn extra commissions on the real estate sales. The income of the real state agent depends completely on the value of his sales and the commissions he earn for himself. The broker deals this matter and he pays the agent his commissions according to the deal. Bureau of Labor Statistics deals with the commission rate of the estate agents.

Would a Real Estate Job Change Force Me to Take a Pay Cut?

What options would you be faced with as you contemplate a real estate job change? Love it or hate it, the Real Estate industry’s continued troubles will force even more once semi-independent and successful professionals, to make the inevitable real estate job change. First it was the residential housing sector which experienced record low declines in values only to be recently and temporally pent-up by government tax credits to try and force some good news from this sector. It will be interesting to see with the continued failed banks and residential housing foreclosures how long this “soft-serge” will last. As many of these government purchase programs will be coming to an end. And with governments continued and predictable slow responses to most financial crisis it will most likely leave a sizable void prior to any stabilized outcome. And, with the next wave of doom-and-gloom i.e. the commercial real estate sector which is just getting started leaving the Feds scrambling trying to force many banks into showing losses earlier rather than later, all or in part to merely skedaddle these losses early in hopes for some sizable gains prior to any primary election year.

Lets first quickly just recap why you chose your real estate career albeit in the residential or commercial sector. You may have known someone or previously worked with someone who prior to, or during the early stages of the “bubble” made a job change into the real estate field who (prior to the last 12-36 months) most likely tasted some relatively easy success. Or, maybe you were fascinated by the tangible control, possibly the tax benefits, or maybe even the investor side of you took over gasping at the ability to leverage your money (or OPM) as well as the banks! And of course the lifestyle you enjoyed or would have enjoyed certainly plays a role (providing you were not a workaholic) in your independent lifestyle of freedom and choice of whom and when you wanted to work with. Needless to say, having a real estate career albeit agent, broker, appraiser, lender or investor has many perks, though I just mentioned a few.

Making a real estate job change can be stressful, just the thought of it, especially if you made a serious career of it. What skills do you have that I may remind you of? Well for beginners, you are a self-starter and a motivator and for that matter a leader as you lead at least one or two parties to a closing, a rather large financial (and sometimes an emotional) agreement. Some of you have ventured into multiple million dollar negotiations/transactions (myself personally negotiating over $400,000,000). And if it wasn’t for you, these deals most likely would not have been closed without you.

Second, you possess some level of organizational & computer skills and are most likely not afraid of understanding procedures within and out of the office. And although “Joe Public” may have voted every year otherwise, you do have a sense of character and ethics and feel a level of “duty” to the community and those you work with to provide and represent yourself as a professional and a good listener and help solve those needs of others.

Now, what on earth would be a realistic and viable alternative job change for a real estate professional as I described above? Well, since you most likely understand the power of leveraging the banks money as most of you watched your buyers and sellers take part of that system, YOU should understand, or would be most open to want to understand the power of leveraging your time. How might one ask does one leverage the power of time?

Well, what if you volunteered to make a real estate job change. What changes would you impose on your new adventure? And could you leverage your time similar to that of a real estate investor who leverages other people’s money but not by 3-5x, but by 10 or even 100 times more. To be open for business 24/7 every day of the year, and have clients in over 100 countries within 90-120 days of start up. By working less not more, by working smarter not harder, and by organizing yourself via automation, not just files and folders could provide such a freedom. Setting up such a system of automation would be an investment into yourself to provide a future and lifestyle you and your family may be deserving, and not just for your boss or co-workers benefit. To have such a business without the overhead of a lease or rental payment, no insurance, no utilities, no travel expenses, no employees nor payroll taxes and to work out of your own home w/a determination that you will never have to return to a politically driven office again. To work from your home, the beach, by working a few hours at night, or maybe in the morning, or to put in a few hours a day when you want and from where you want. To regain your dreams of the lifestyle that merely 1-2% of people can even fathom to experience.

After spending over 18 years of loving my real estate career and the lifestyle it provided me, I found myself traveling more and working extra hours, all while my compensation was dwindling to a low 5 digits per month due to the negative changes that were impacting the real estate industry. Thus, I went searching much like you have, searching for the inevitable real estate job change. And after searching multiple real estate related online programs, paying thousands of dollars w/false promises of support and personal coaches I found myself w/my back against the wall, searching even harder as I was duped again.

What I found may surprise you, but one thing was for certain, I found something that was real! With all the perks that by now, most people have given up on due to all the scams and false programs supporting such a cause. What I found was amazing, giving back to others while reaching my own goals as well (NO, it was not MLM!). What I found gave me back my hope and dreams and put all of my skills that I had learned as a real estate professional into motion w/little downtime in regaining my income levels held during the peak of the last real estate up-cycle.

If a real estate job change is more of a reality than a choice, or maybe you need to see what else is out there in order to give yourself some peace of mind, then you need to seriously consider your own online business. Even Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki have recently stated that if they had to make their millions all over again, they would do it by starting an internet business. These highly successful people have built their fortunes on the power of leveraging other-peoples-money along with the banks and both see that they can leverage TIME and money more effectively than in any other way today by having an online business. And I must say, it’s amazing what I’ve learned over the past year in this field and how easy it is to share my knowledge with others and how to make it in this industry, regaining back your high income levels as well as with little down time providing you have an easy step-by-step online system to follow.

Well, I hope I was able to give you something to think about whether you stay in the real estate field helping others leverage other people’s money, or if you choose to take the next step and learn how to leverage your time and money. So that you can one day soon, regain your dreams that somehow over the years were lost.